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VMware Backup

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Connects to all versions of VSphere and ESX

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Backup multiple virtual machines in parallel

Backup all virtual machine configuration files

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VMware Backup

Using virtual machines can be enormously beneficial to your business’s IT infrastructure – regardless of size. It offers security (through simple access control), a scalable way of working as your business grows, and the flexibility to work both in and out of the office.

Virtual machines can be a huge asset, particularly in large organisations, but when you invest in platforms like vSphere you’re putting a lot of trust into a small set of centralised server hardware. Should hardware fail in just one server you could see any number of systems down and with potential data loss, including entire systems and operating systems.

We appreciate that a vast majority of businesses using virtual machines will likely be running the VMware platform, and that’s exactly why we offer a dedicated VMware backup solution to keep your infrastructure secure and minimise any potential system downtime.

What do our VMware backup solutions offer?

Our VMware backup solution ensures a separate third party backup that won’t be affected by any kind of disaster, such as hardware failure, which ensures minimal risk of data loss and fast restoration of virtual machines so your business’s systems are running again quickly – exactly as you left them.

Our VMware and vSphere backup systems provide:

  • Fast incremental backups ensure minimal risk of data loss
  • A scalable solution for larger organisations
  • Entire VMware servers are backed up; all machines, files & databases
  • Our backups connect to clusters and vCenter Server

If your business relies on VMware solutions to run your IT infrastructure’s virtual machine setup, then get in touch with us here at Backup Systems. Our VMware backup provides you with the peace of mind that, regardless of what happens to the server, you’ll always be able to get your business up and running again in just a few clicks.

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How to Choose a Backup Service Provider to Disaster-Proof Your Company
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