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Virtual Machines

Companies are increasingly using virtualisation technology to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine. The physical machine is controlled by a special operating system called a hypervisor, which hosts the virtual machines. Here at Backup Systems we provide the functionality to connect to the hypervisor and backup the machines.

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Virtual Machines

VMware's ESX and ESXi (VMDK format)

Citrix's Xen Server (XVA format)

Microsoft's Hyper-V (VHD format)

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Virtual Machines

The backup of virtual machines ensures that, when you’re running in a virtual environment, everything from the operating systems you’re running and the files you’re using are stored securely in the event of any disaster.

From the backups of the virtual machines’ hard drives, you’re able to pick up exactly where you left off – with little to no system downtime affecting your business.

Why virtual machine backup is vital

Virtual machines can be a fantastic way to remotely run multiple systems from a single machine physically based somewhere – allowing for easy access for staff regardless of location, and simple ways to add more systems to a network, without unnecessarily increasing hardware.

This does, however, mean that the physical hardware is more vital than ever; it’s responsible for multiple virtual machines, so downtime or hardware failure here can have a much more significant impact across a business.

How we can protect your virtual machines

What’s important about that service we here at Backup Systems provide is that backups are made while virtual machines are still running, and can be configured to include all or just a selection of virtual systems.

We connect to virtual environments directly, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX and Citrix XEN, which means your machines can be up and running again in a matter of minutes – with virtually no downtime.

We can take backups at any specified intervals, whether that’s daily, weekly or in ‘real time’ as systems are constantly running. The storage of the images employs block level de-duplication which minimises the amount of storage space actually used.

Is you data secure?

We take the security and storage of any of our customers’ backups incredibly seriously, ensuring restricted access to only our team and you as a client.

In terms of data security, our services ensure regular backups are taken at multiple intervals to allow you to restore your virtual machines at any point – giving you confidence that virtual machine backups are always up to date, with no data lost in the interim.

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