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Enterprise Backup Solutions

A robust, secure and resilient server backup strategy is essential for every enterprise level organisation. Enterprise backup is our flagship turnkey backup solution. Developed by our team of experts, it is one of the most powerful systems available.

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File Backups

Backup file data from Linux, Unix, Apple and all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Image Creation

Create images of the system disk for all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Database Backups

Backup MySQL, Microsoft and Oracle databases.

Protect Exchange

Protect Exchange at the message store level and create an archive of individual emails.

Virtual Machines Backup

Backup virtual machines running on hypervisors such as ESXi, Xen and Hyper-V.

Replicate Data

Replicate data from on the road laptops to the backup server via a software agent.

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Enterprise Backup Solutions

Enterprise backup is the perfect solution for organisations with multiple servers, multi-sites and a large data footprint. It utilises your existing IT infrastructure allowing your data to stay within your organisation’s IT framework. It allows for fast data restoration regardless of size – from single files to entire company-wide systems.

How Enterprise Backup Works

We provide specialist Enterprise hardware, designed to provide the speed and reliability a commercial business setup demands, to develop an on-site server that takes backups of whole systems and individual files at regular intervals. These can be defined by your IT department – from hourly backups for finance departments to monthly backups of customer records.

These backups are stored in either a single or multi-location on-site server solution, and can be restored anywhere across the business, whether this is companywide system recovery or restoring files for a given location’s network, and even individual systems.

What Enterprise Backup Solutions We Provide

We can work closely with your business’s internal IT department to ensure a completely tailored solution – from backup frequency and storage parameters through to every individual piece of enterprise hardware to use. This ensures a solution that fits around your business, the systems you use and the kind of data you need to backup, rather than trying to use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Your backups can be made in real time, with specific files or directories (as well as update frequency) determined by your personnel. The system we develop for you is fully monitored and configured by us, allowing for necessary changes to be made.

What Support is Available?

We also pride ourselves on always providing enterprise backup solutions that are developed by our team; we don’t re-package or simply re-sell another developer’s product or solution, so you can be confident you’re always getting a direct approach.

Unlimited support is available from the Backup Systems team at no extra cost to your ongoing annual retainer; there’s no limited to the number of times you can call us for assistance in changing backup parameters or restoring backed up files/images.

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What databases do you backup?
Our very large and important customer database needs to be backed up several times during the day - can you do this without adversely impacting our systems?
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