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Disaster Recovery Systems

At Backup Systems we have become the leading disaster recovery systems providers across the UK, and pride ourselves on the efficiency and quality of our services. Always keep your business running – with no data loss and minimal downtime.

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Disaster Recovery Systems

Our dedicated disaster recovery server stores the latest backups of individual files, software and both internal systems and individual system disk images for quick restoration in the event of any kind of issues. Whether it’s the simple loss of individual files on a single machine, or major disasters such as complete hardware or network failure, your latest backups are easily accessible by us for virtually immediate recover.

When it comes to effective disaster recovery systems, speed and reliability are both vital to ensure impeccable restoration of files or whole systems, as well as reducing downtime to as little as possible. Bit-differencing ensures the replication of disk images is as efficient as possible – for reliable disaster recovery.

Our Bespoke Disaster Recovery Solutions

We’ll tailor any disaster recover solutions to meet the needs of your business and in line with how you operate. The backups themselves can be taken at any intervals you want – hourly, daily, weekly monthly or at whatever other frequency suits your IT setup best.

From this, the backed up files, systems or individual disk images can then be quickly restored with minimum downtime and no data loss

We keep a version history of all our backups so that, in the event of a need for disaster recovery, you can have files or systems restored to a given point in time. For example, system failure that causes corruption of vital files.

UK-Wide & London-Centric Recovery Solutions

As an economic epicentre, we know how vital reliable systems are to businesses in London – and just how catastrophic failures, data loss and system downtime can be. As well as working closely with large businesses based in London, we provide disaster recovery solutions to businesses throughout the UK – whether based in a single location or with a multi-site setup.

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How can I use these backups at the other site?
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