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Cloud Data Backup

Cloud Data Backup

Cloud data backup solutions are a fantastic way to ensure safe, secure and regular backups of everything from individual files through to entire networks of data and disk images of individual systems. We deal with the entire data backup process, managing everything from taking backups to controlling access and file restoration in the event of system failure.

These business cloud storage and backup solutions are ideal for businesses who don’t have the capacity or space for physical server storage or who simply need the flexibility and ease of access offered by using the cloud.

Effective Cloud Data Backup Solutions

We tailor all storage and data backup packages around your business – from its size and the industry you work in through to the regularity of the backups (e.g. monthly, weekly, hourly etc.) and the levels of access needed for your account.

We work with industry-leading business cloud storage providers such as Amazon and Microsoft Cloud to design the right overall solution for you. If you’re not sure how cloud storage or backup will work for your business, or feel the need to test a particular service provider, then we do offer a free, non-committal trial.

What Cloud Solutions Can We Offer?

Our SME cloud data backup solutions offer the following features:

  • Backs up file data from Linux, Unix, Apple and all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Creates images of the system disk for all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Backs up MySQL, Microsoft and Oracle databases.
  • Protect Exchanges at the Message Store level.
  • Replicates data from on the road laptops to the Backup Server via a software agent.

Our cloud storage, backup and controlled access solutions offer a fully managed service; comprehensive reporting on each job and overall backup status comes as standard.

Handing backup over to us allows you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

Keep your data secure and easy to access or recover at all times.

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Cloud Data Backup

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